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Family Law & Divorce Lawyer in Atlanta
Have you been pulled over for a traffic violation? Don't settle in court. Have our Traffic Ticket Attorney fight your ticket so you can possibly avoid points on your record and higher insurance premiums. 

Have you been pulled over for a DUI in Atlanta or the state of Georgia?  

​Do not let one mistake ruin your life.  

​Our DUI Attorney in Atlanta will work hard to get you the best possible result so you can quickly get back on track. 
​If you are ready to receive comprehensive legal representation in Atlanta, call us at (404) 494-0027 for a free consultation today.
Divorce happens.  Don't let it tear your life apart.  Find a good Divorce Lawyer in Atlanta with the Alfred Law Firm.  

​We understand that divorce is a delicate matter; therefore, our legal staff will do everything to inform you of the pitfalls of child support, child custody, property division and spousal maintenance.

​We will do whatever it takes to make the legal system work in your favor, and that of your children, through a quick and efficient process that does not tear your family apart any further.
Traffic Ticket Attorney and DUI Attorney in Atlanta


Bankruptcy Attorney in Atlanta


Welcome to the Alfred Law Firm - Your Trusted Family Law & Bankruptcy Attorney
We at the Alfred Law Firm will manage and oversee your case from start to finish.  Our thorough legal representation will help protect you and your assets and provide you with the best understanding of the Georgia legal system.  We offer simple, cost-effective solutions in Georgia for all your legal needs.Our managing attorney, Janice Alfred, brings to the table eight years of experience practicing law in the state of Georgia.  We also work hard to remain knowledgeable of current events and new precedents in the State of Georgia that can directly affect your case.  We will guide you through the legal system while giving you the best possible counsel in a completely professional and individualized manner.
A Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Atlanta will give you the opportunity to work your way out of debt and experience financial freedom once again.  The Alfred Law Firm makes no judgments about your situation.  All we do is see to it that you get back on your feet and on the road to financial responsibility once again. 

​ Our services will: 
•Stop Foreclosure
•Stop Wage Garnishment
•Stop Repossession
•Stop Collection Calls
​•Eliminate Credit Card Bills, Consumer Debt, Medical Bills and IRS Debt

It is our goal as your Bankruptcy Attorney in Atlanta to allow you to keep your home, car, retirement fund and all of your possessions so you can get on with your life.

Find out how we can fight for you