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Family and Criminal Law

We provide sound legal counsel and assist you in resolving your legal issue. Learn more by reaching out to our knowledgable attorney at the Alfred Law Firm.

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Professional Legal Services

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Flexible appointments are available at our office located across the street from Sprayberry High School.

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Professional Legal Services

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We've successfully represented hundreds of clients dealing with family disputes and criminal charges in the Marietta and Atlanta Metro areas

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Family and Criminal law services

Servicing Metro Atlanta

Hire an experienced attorney to get you the best result. Attorney Alfred can work on your case to get you the best result, fight for your rights, help you keep your license and minimize the consequences to your driving record and insurance premiums.

Attorney Alfred has 10 years of experience in the Marietta, Cobb, Fulton, DeKalb, Atlanta and the rest of Metro-Atlanta area dealing with the solicitors and the state on these types of charges constantly negotiating the best deal for you to keep you from the egregious consequences of taking a plea to any of these charges.

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Frequent Asked Questions

Q.How much does a divorce cost on average?

A. An uncontested divorce can cost anywhere between $850.00 to $1,500 depending on whether the parties have minor children, property division issues or other sophisticated issues.

Contested divorces are a different matter. It is difficult to determine how much a contested divorce will cost at the conclusion of a case as it primarily depends on the parties and the issues involved. Some of the key factors that will likely affect how long a divorce action will pend before the court, and therefore the cost, are:

    1. If custody is at issue and both parties are seeking primary physical custody;
    2. If a guardian at litem is appointed to determine the best interest of the child;
    3. 1. If alimony is at issue;
    4. If the assets have significant value and/or there is a question as to what constitutes pre-marital and non-marital assets;
    5. 1. If expert witnesses are hired.

As such, law firms normally charge an initial attorney fee and the parties are billed on an hourly basis. At the Alfred Law Firm we charge a reasonable up front attorney fee and a reasonable hourly fee. Please contact us to further discuss.

Q.What are my options for custody?

A.In Georgia, there are two different kinds of custody – i.e., legal custody and physical custody. The legal custodian is who gets to make the major decisions affecting the minor, including but not limited to education, religion, extracurricular activities and non-emergency health care. The physical custodian is who the minor gets to live with. Legal custody is typically shared between the parties and requires that the parties confer on major decisions affecting the minor. Unless the parties agree otherwise, one parent will typically be granted primary physical custody and the other will be granted reasonable parenting time/visitation.

Custody designations are made on a case-by-case basis and is either up to the parties to agree to an arrangement, or up to a judge to decide what is in the best interest of the child.

Please call our office to discuss your individual situation and options.

Q.I just moved to GA. Are my custody rights transferred?

A.All Georgia courts are required to give full faith and credit to legitimate domestic orders from sister/brother states. However, it is typically required that the order be domesticated in Georgia in order for it to be enforced. Please delete the question “I have a contractual agreement…” and the “is it too late to pay my traffic citation”.