Who is the Custodial Parent After a Divorce?

Parents who go through a divorce must settle the arrangements for their future as well as the future of their children. This includes child custody and child support. During divorce proceedings, parents can acquire physical and legal custody. This establishes a child’s custodial and non-custodial parent. A child’s custodial parent is the individual with whom the child lives and spends most of their time with. With this comes a large responsibility in a child’s life.

Responsibilities of a Custodial Parent

Parents who obtain physical custody of their child are the custodial parent. This is an important role in a child’s life, as they are the most dominant presence. The custodial parent has many responsibilities, including providing them with basic stability. This includes a home, food, clothes, an education, and more. A custodial parent must put their child’s best interests above their own to make sure they have a happy and healthy upbringing.

How are these arrangements made?

There are cases in which parents can make these arrangements themselves. Other times, they need to go to court so that a judge can do so for them. These are matters that need to be handled sensitively, as divorce often greatly impacts children. It is because of this that judges make decisions that are in the best interest of the child. This ensures they are put in an environment that is best for them. 

What is Legal Custody?

It is important to always fight for legal custody, even when a parent does not have physical custody. This is because it allows the parent to still have an influence on their child’s life. Legal custody gives parents the right to be involved in making important decisions regarding the child’s life. These can include education, healthcare, religious practices, and more. 

Can Custody Arrangements Change?

When custody arrangements are made, they are done based upon what is best for the child at that point in their life. However, this can change over time. It is because of this that it is possible to request a modification to a custody agreement if it no longer suits the situation of the family or benefits the child. This exists so that families can rearrange a custody agreement to better suit their new circumstances. It is important to know that, in order to receive a modification, a parent must prove the change in their life is significant and ongoing. 

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