What You Should Know About Alimony in the State of Georgia

Alimony or spousal support is a legal jargon that refers to the payment that a supportive spouse provides to the dependent spouse after a divorce. The dependent spouse, who can either be the husband or the wife, is only eligible for alimony if he or she earns less, or is substantially dependent on the former spouse for financial support. A Henry county GA divorce attorney will help guide you through the process and Georgia state laws regarding divorce and alimony.

How is Alimony Determined?

There are several factors that may determine whether you will be awarded alimony in Georgia after a divorce, how much alimony you will receive, and for how long you’ll enjoy these benefits. If you earn significantly less than your spouse and/or are financially dependent on your spouse, the Court may consider the following factors:

1. Duration of marriage – In the state of Georgia, if you were married for less than two years it is unlikely that you will be awarded alimony.  Whereas, if you were married for more than ten years, you will likely receive alimony.

2. Physical ability – the judge will also consider your ability to work. If you are disabled or too old to work, then you will likely be awarded alimony.

3. Education – If you have been out of the workforce for some years, the judge will likely award you alimony for a period of time so that you can rehabilitate yourself, whether it means going back to school or obtaining the necessary training to renter the workforce.

In addition to the above factors, the court may consider your contribution and career sacrifice to your marriage as a factor in determining alimony.

A family law attorney Henry county GA can guide you through this.

How a Lawyer can Help with an Alimony Case

It is possible that your former spouse may fight tooth and neck to ensure that you are not awarded any alimony.  This is why you need a Henry county divorce lawyer to help you obtain the amount of alimony that you will need to live without struggle.

Are you wondering how to approach your alimony case and win? Contact us at the Alfred Law Firm, and we will assign you our best divorce lawyer in Georgia.

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