What is the Most Common Time a Year for Divorces?

While no divorce is exactly the same as one another, research suggests that there are specific times of the year in which spouses find themselves filing. Divorce rates show that there is generally a drop in filings at the end of the year until they pick up again come the new year. This trend has become significant enough to even earn the month of January the “Divorce Month” nickname in some circles. Spouses going through a divorce should retain the services of an experienced Georgia divorce attorney for assistance during this time. 

Why is January a Common Time to File for Divorce?

A Google Trend search in 2019 for the word “divorce” showed that the term was most common from January 6 to January 12. People tend to use the beginning of a new year as a clean break to jumpstart a change in their life. It is because of this that they set resolutions to get rid of bad habits, one maybe being to leave an unhappy marriage. It is because of this that many spouses choose to file for divorce in January, causing the ratings to spike higher than other months. 

Spouses also may want to wait until the new year to file for divorce in an attempt to salvage the holiday season. Often times, this time of year comes with high expectations of good times and happy memories. However, if these expectations are not met, spouses may feel as if it is finally time to file for divorce. In addition to this, those who are parents usually wait until the year is over so they can give their children one last holiday season together. 

Other Common Times to File

Other than January, research also shows a spike in divorce filings during the months of July and August as well. Divorces tend to occur during the summer as parents usually want to end their marriage before their children start the school year. This allows a parent to move to a new location in another town or state and change their child’s school district before the school year begins. This ensures they do not have to pick them up and move them in the middle of the year. 

When considering filing for divorce, it is important to not be swayed by outside factors such as statistics. The decision to leave a marriage is a personal matter that is usually not easy to come to. It should only be made when you are ready to do so and feel the time is right for you. Contact a compassionate divorce attorney today if you are ready to file for divorce.

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