What is needed to be done during probation?

What is needed to be done during probation?

After being found guilty of a crime, individuals may be incarcerated. However, they may only be given a certain amount of time in prison that can then lead to probation. Probation allows these individuals to live in the community, but they have certain guidelines to follow. This can include a few circumstances that does not get them a typical lifestyle. They may be obligated to attend counseling, pay fines, report to a probation officer, pay restitution or have travel restrictions. These guilty individuals may have restrictions on alcohol and drugs and their ability to own a weapon. Probation officers can do random check-ins to ensure that they are following the rules of their specific probation. Although they are not in jail, this is another opportunity for them to serve time for their crime. It also provides a way for them to continue on with their daily life while they have the chance for rehabilitation.

Can someone violate probation?

Probation allows a better alternative to jail. It is a better way for individuals to serve their time. However, that does not mean they are entitled to probation. It can be taken away from them or not even be an option for some individuals depending on their crime. If someone violates probation, there can be consequences that they have to face. There are a few different violations that can be done to break a rule for probation. A technical violation is when someone fails to follow a condition of their probation. They may fail to attend a counseling session. A special condition violation is when they violate a basic rule that was tailored to their specific situation. A misdemeanor violation is when a misdemeanor is committed. A felony violation is when the individual commits a felony when on probation and is subject to time in jail again. If you violate probation, a warrant may go out for your arrest to put you in jail or to reinstate probation.

By violating your probation, you can face imprisonment again. This can be scary since individuals do not want to go back to these conditions. Living in the real world gives you more freedom even though you have probation guidelines to follow.

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