What is Considered a Violent Crime in Georgia?

When a person commits a violent crime, it is taken very seriously in the state of Georgia. Individuals who are charged with violent crimes are facing a very dire situation. These crimes may include assault, battery, battery domestic violence, and aggravated assault. These charges can range from misdemeanors to felonies. If you have been charged with committing a violent crime, it is crucial to contact an attorney to assist with your case.

Simple Assault

A simple assault charge is treated as a misdemeanor in the state of Georgia. It is considered to be simple assault when a person attempts to commit a violent injury to another person or commits an act that places another person in reasonable apprehension of receiving a violent injury. If convicted of such acts, a person may face the following consequences:

  • Up to a year in jail
  • A $1000 fine
  • Probation
  • Restitution
  • A permanent criminal record

It is important to know what a simple assault charge may be upgraded to an aggravated assault if the act is committed against a family member, a person over 65 years old, a pregnant woman, or a school official. This is also true in the event that the crime occurred in public transit or station.

Aggravated Assault

An act of violence is considered an aggravated assault during one of the following situations:

  • They assault someone with the intent to rape, rob or murder
  • They use a deadly object to hurt someone
  • They use an object to strangle someone
  • They discharge a firearm in a vehicle against another person

When convicted of an aggravated assault, it is considered a felony. This may result in penalties that include 1 to 20 years in jail, serious fines, restitution, and a permanent criminal record.

Simple Battery

Battery involves physical acts and potential harm. Simple battery is when a person deliberately makes an act of offensive physical contact or physically provokes someone. It is also the case when a person intentionally causes harm to another person. When this happens, they can be charged with a misdemeanor. A second offense carries a minimum of 10 days in jail while a third charge may require 1 to 5 years in prison.

Aggravated Battery

Aggravated battery is also a felony charge. This happens when a person maliciously causes harm against another person. When convicted, the individual may receive 1 to 20 years in jail, fines, restitution, and a permanent criminal record. These charges may increase to a minimum of 3 years if the act is against a family member. They may increase 5 years if it is against a person over 65 years old, it happened in a public transit vehicle or station, or it was against a student or teacher in a school zone.

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