What are the Consequences of Using a Fake ID in Georgia?

It is common knowledge that the drinking age within the United States is 21 years old. Under federal law, it is illegal for a person under the age limit to purchase or consume alcohol. However, many underage people try to get around this rule by using fake identification, more notably referred to as fake ID’s. These are often used to purchase alcohol or get into certain bars and venues. While many believe that using a fake ID is not a serious offense, it can lead to a variety of legal consequences.

What is Considered Fake Identification?

An identification card is something that is used to determine a person’s identity, including their name and age. When people wish to drink underage, they sometimes use fake identification to lie about who they are or what their age is. There are many different types of identifications that are fake, manufactured, altered, or even using another person’s ID to pass off as your own. It is important to know that it is illegal to use an ID that does not belong to you, was created as a fake, or has incorrect information on it. If caught with one, it can result in fake ID charges.

Penalties of Using a Fake ID

The state of Georgia’s law regarding fake identification says, “It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly possess, display, or use any false, fictitious, fraudulent, or altered identification document containing the logo or legal or official seal of a government agency or any colorable imitation thereof in furtherance of a conspiracy to attempt to commit a violation of the criminal laws of this state or of the United States or any of the several states which is punishable by imprisonment for one year or more.” 

If a person violates this law, they can be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. This depends on what kind of false identification was in the individual’s possession and how it was used. In the state of Georgia, it is a misdemeanor to use a fake ID to get into a bar or purchase alcohol. If the individual made and sold the ID or was using it to gain employment, it is considered a felony. 

The consequences of being caught with a fake ID are as follows:

  • A misdemeanor conviction can result in up to 12 months in jail
  • A felony conviction can result in a maximum of 10 years in state prison
  • Either conviction can result in a suspended driver’s license

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