Protective Orders in Georgia

Family violence is a very real issue that affects the lives of many within their home. This violence can be seen in acts of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. The state of Georgia is aggressive in handling these situations and work hard to protect victims of family abuse. This is offered in the form of protective orders that can be sought by filing a petition at the local Superior Court with the assistance of an experienced attorney.

What is Considered an Act of Violence?

Often times, people associate family violence with solely physical abuse. However, this is not always the case. Violence can manifest in many ways and does not always show physical signs. There are many instances that can be considered family violence, including sexual and emotional abuse. The following acts can be categorized as such:

  • A felony
  • Simple battery
  • Battery
  • Assault
  • Unlawful restraint
  • Stalking
  • Criminal damage to property
  • Criminal trespass

Family Protective Orders

Victims of family violence in the state of Georgia can receive protective orders from the court. Almost immediately after filing a petition, they can be issued a Temporary Protective Order (TPO). This offers protection for the individual as well as any children they may have. It can prohibit contact, limit the rights of the abuser to their children and marital possessions, restrict their right to have guns, and more. TOPs can be in effect for three, six, or twelve months. 

It is important to know that family violence is not only in regard to spouses. Unfortunately, many parties can be affected by family violence. Protective orders can be issued to the following individuals if they are the victim of an act of family violence:

  • A past or present spouse
  • A parent, step-parent, or foster parent
  • A child, step-child, or foster child
  • A roommate or former roommate

False Accusations

Family violence accusations are very serious situations. Being accused of abuse can affect a person for the rest of their life, as it can result in a criminal record. It is because of this that no one should be accused of such if they are not guilty of an act of violence. While this is true, it is an unfortunate reality that some people take advantage of Georgia’s strict laws towards family violence. This may be in the event of a breakup or family law proceeding to have power over the other party. When facing false accusations, it is crucial to retain the serves of an experienced attorney to clear your name. 

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