Determining child custody can be one of the most contentious aspects of a divorce or separation. When children are involved, feelings can be difficult to process and communication with the other parent is often strained, especially when attorneys are involved. Each parent is expected to be respectful of the other and show a united front to the children, but that is not always what happens.

Depending on your situation, child custody negotiations can be a straightforward and objective process or an emotional and drawn-out battle. The parties may agree to custody and a suitable parenting plan prior to trial, or the judge will be forced to decide who should have legal and/or physical custody of the children based on what he/she believes is in the best interest of the children. Under Georgia Law, the Court considers several factors in determining what is in the “best interest of the child” including but not limited to, the willingness of the party to co-parent and to act in the child’s best interest.

Cases involving custody can be costly – both financially and emotionally. If you and your spouse are considering divorce or separation, and you have questions about child custody arrangements, it is advisable to speak to a family law attorney prior to agreeing to any custody and visitation arrangements or prior to facing a family court judge.

Whether you are married to the other parent, or your child was born out-of-wedlock, the Alfred Law Firm can help you. Our custody attorney can also represent you in seeking or changing custody of your child. We understand the cost involved in a custody action and strive to help you resolve your case as effectively as possible, with your goals first and foremost. We will keep you informed of all options available and assist you in making the best decisions for your family at all times.

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