Modifying Settlement Agreements in Georgia

When couples go through divorce proceedings they are required to settle their marital issues. This can either be done by themselves or with the assistance of a judge. If the couple makes these decisions on their own, they need to be reviewed and approved by a judge. When a judge finalizes these arrangements, their decision is considered the law. This means they must be followed and can be enforced by the court if they are not. However, courts in Georgia are aware that family circumstances can change over time in life. It is because of this that modifications can be made to an agreement after it is finalized. This is so that a new arrangement can accommodate a new life situation. It is important to know that modifications can only be made if one or both of the spouses provide evidence that the changes are significant and ongoing.

Custody and Visitation Schedules

When a divorcing couple has children, they must determine custody. A child’s custody arrangement and a parent’s visitation schedule can be modified. This can be done if one or both of a child’s parents prove a considerable and ongoing change in their life. A judge listens to arguments both for and against the modification before reaching a decision that is in the child’s best interest. Reasons for modification may include:

  • If one parent relocates
  • Any medical problems with the child or a parent
  • One parent disregards the parenting plan
  • Any actions by the custodial parent that can endanger the child
  • If the child wants to live with the other parent

Child Support

In addition to custody, child support is determined by the court. Sometimes, a parent may request to modify these payments later in life. A modification can either be an increase or decrease in the amount of the payments. Situations in which a modification may be asked for can include:

  • A change in custody arrangements
  • Loss of employment
  • An increase or decrease in income
  • If a child requires money for medical treatments


A spouse may also owe their former spouse support payments after the divorce. The payments can also be modified if there is a major change in one or both of the spouse’s life circumstances. Modifications may be necessary if there is a change in a spouse’s ability to pay the support or a dependent spouse’s need to receive it. This may be necessary if a former spouse experiences:

  • Loss of employment
  • A change in income
  • An illness
  • A spouse’s ability to become financially independent from the other spouse

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