How to Talk to Your Kids About Divorce

Going through a divorce with children can be hard on all involved. While many parents seek to shield their children from as much of the process as possible, it is vital to make sure that certain conversations do happen. According to a Henry Count Divorce lawyer at the Alfred Law Firm, you will want to have very specific conversations based on the age of your children.

Younger Children

As most parents know, children are full of questions from the moment that they start talking. While it might be tempting to have lengthy conversations with your young child about exactly what divorce means and the emotions behind it, the truth is that children under five do not have the capability to understand the process. Instead, simplify the process to focus on how the child’s life will be impacted and emphasize that they will still be loved and cared for.

Elementary Age Children

While you might not be introducing children at this age to the complexities of why you need a Henry County divorce attorney, you can start to have deeper conversations with your child at this point. Talk about schedules, division of time, and give them an idea of what life is going to look like. Answer questions honestly but appropriately.


Teens are both the easiest and hardest to talk to at the same time. They have their own thoughts and opinions, but they are not yet adults. Emotions are going to run high; but try to prioritize your teen’s feelings.  Your goal here still needs to be reassuring your teen that you love and care for him/her and that you will still be a part of his/her life. If your teen has a preference as to which parent he/she wants to live with, you should talk to your Henry County GA divorce lawyer at Alfred Law Firm at this point to discuss your teen’s desires and custody arrangements.

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