How is mediation beneficial?

Mediation is a process that can be used to decide on marital issues for couples that are divorcing. These marital issues need to be decided on to allow the couple to create new, separate lives. Marital issues can include alimony, the division of assets, child support and child custody arrangements. With these factors, it can be difficult for couples to try to make decisions during mediation. However, the third party mediator can help with the process. They can guide the process along to ensure that it is productive and helping the couple come to conclusions for their marital issues.

Through mediation, spouses have the opportunity to avoid litigation. This can be seen as quite beneficial. Litigation can be stressful due to the added emotional distress. It can also prove to be more time-consuming and costly due to this factor. Mediation allows couples to go at their own pace, which can prove to be quicker than court proceedings. In return, this may also prove to be less expensive due to the decreased amount of attorney fees.

Does the mediator make decisions?

In mediation sessions, the neutral third party, also known as the mediator, does not make the decisions for marital issues. The couple is supposed to make decisions for themselves. The mediator is available to help them carry on a productive conversation and guide them toward outcomes that satisfy both parties. They are not to make the actual decisions. A judge makes decisions during litigation for the couple. Couples may choose mediation because of the opportunity to make their own decisions and avoid a judge making decisions for them.

Can I end mediation?

If couples enter into mediation and are unable to cooperate with one another, they have the ability to end it at any time. Since mediation requires the cooperation of both spouses, it can be hard to reach conclusions. Mediation is not for everyone. This process needs both parties to act amicably in order to work efficiently. With some divorces, this can be nearly impossible. The couple may have to enter into litigation to solve their issues instead of trying to resolve them in mediation sessions.

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