How is alimony structured?

The state of Georgia recognizes that some spouses may need financial support after a divorce. The court may consider multiple options to provide this dependent spouse with the compensation they need. There may be a few reasons that can qualify for this type of payment structure. If this dependent party postponed their goals to see their spouse’s success, this may qualify them. If they supported their spouse while they pursued an education, this may qualify them as well. If they cared for the children while the other parent worked or simply do not make enough money to support themselves with their job, they may be able to acquire alimony to aid them.

Alimony may be temporary or permanent. Permanent alimony can be rare. It is provided with no end date in sight. Although it is labeled as permanent, it can be modified or ended if the party were to remarry, make a sufficient amount of money to provide for themselves or become financially sound. Temporary alimony is usually a structure that is followed with a specific period of time claimed. This period of time may be based off the dependent party’s ability to train for a job or gain an education.

What factors influence alimony?

When couples get divorced, they will split their assets to go their separate ways. However, if alimony is needed, they will have to have factors in their marriage taken into account. The duration of their marriage is important for the allocation of alimony. The standard of living that was present in their marriage will be taken into account as well. Both parties will need to cooperate in order to have factors involving them considered. For both parties, their age, health, financial resources and their contribution to the marriage will be considered to decide on a structure for alimony. The needs of the dependent party will be taken into account. Their ability to become financially sound and what it will take to get there will be considered by a judge to make a decision for alimony. Alimony is important because it can help them during their time of financial need. Sometimes they need this help to get back on their feet after a divorce.

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