How Can the Length of My Marriage Impact My Divorce in Georgia?

Couples who decide to go through with a divorce are required to take care of various different legal matters in order for the process to be completed. Throughout this process, several factors are considered by the court pertaining to the relationship in question in order to reach proper settlements. One important factor that is taken into consideration is the length of the couple’s marriage. This can be relevant in dividing the couple’s marital property as well as determining spousal support. During this time, it is important to retain the services of an experienced attorney during this time to guide you.

Property Division

The length of a marriage can impact a couple’s property division in two ways: the distribution of the property and the complexity of the process. Typically, it is more likely that the court will award a large portion of marital property to one spouse instead of an equal division in cases of long term marriages. This is because these marriages usually result in one spouse becoming dependent on the other to maintain a standard of living. When this happens, the court may award a higher percentage to a lower-earning spouse, allowing them to be in a similar financial standing as the higher-earning spouse. The court is less likely to disproportionately award marital property in the event of a short-term marriage. Instead, this generally results in an equal distribution.

When a couple is in a long-term marriage, their properties and diverse property holdings are usually thoroughly intertwined. This can include real estate investments, stock options, grants, closely-held businesses, professional practices, and retirement or investment accounts. These situations may benefit from the assistance of an accountant, financial, business expert, or real estate appraiser.

Spousal Support

Whether or not spousal support is needed after a divorce can also be determined by a marriage length. As a long-term married spouse may rely on their former spouse financially, this usually calls for spousal support to be awarded. There are some cases in which life support may even be awarded if there is a lower income or non-earning spouse. Support is less likely to be awarded in the event of a short-term marriage. However, it is not impossible. Temporary spousal support may be ordered in certain cases to assist a lesser-earning spouse for a period of time after the divorce is finalized.

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