How Can a Criminal Record Affect my Future in Georgia?

When a person is convicted of a crime in Georgia, they face serious consequences as a result of their actions. Some of these may be immediate, such as fines or jail time, while others can be seen in the form of lifelong impacts. Having a criminal record can affect a person’s life and reputation in many ways. It is because of this that those facing criminal charges should contact an experienced Georgia criminal defense attorney to protect their future.

What are the Long Term Effects of a Criminal Record?

When a person has a criminal record, their life can be impacted in various ways, including the following aspects:

  • If they can get or keep a job. Criminal records can limit the types of jobs a person can have, as they have to check “yes” when an application asks if they have been convicted of a crime. Employers also conduct background checks in many cases, which can result in disqualification from a job if the applicant lies. Individuals convicted of a crime can also be fired from their current job.
  • Child custody arrangements. For example, the court and a former spouse may use a criminal record against a past criminal offender in order to prove they are an unfit parent or a danger to their child. 
  • A person’s immigration status. Foreign nationals who have a criminal record can be deported or prevented from becoming a citizen in the future.
  • If a person commits a crime for a second time or more, the penalties they face can be much worse. 

Can my Criminal Record be Erased?

Individuals with certain cases in Georgia can have their criminal records expunged from people outside of the judicial branch of government. This means that their records can be restricted for non-criminal judicial purposes, giving the individual a clean start. There are different processes in place to expunge a record depending on the case. 

If the arrest was before July 1, 2013, the offender must apply for an expungement, also known as Record Restrictions, at the arresting agency. This must be signed by them, the arresting agency, and the prosecutor. If the arrest took place after this date, there is no application process. At the sentencing, the prosecutor can approve to expunge the records and approval will be forwarded to the court. 

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