How are people penalized for theft?

How are people penalized for theft?

Theft of another person’s property is not something that is taken lightly. By stealing someone else’s property, you have robbed them of what is rightfully theirs. Whether it is a sentimental possession or a luxury item, it is something that they possess and have not given away. Theft can include charges based on the amount of property that was stolen and what it was valued at. If the property is valued below $500, those who are charged may only face a misdemeanor charge. This is not as serious as a felony charge. It may not result in as harsh of penalties. With a misdemeanor charge, those who are guilty may face a fine up to $1,000 and a possibility of a year in prison.

When the property is valued at more than $500, the guilty individual may face more serious punishments. A felony charge can cause them to have harsher consequences. This may consist of serious jail time and increased fines. Some charges may be prosecuted as felonies due to the nature of the act. Felony charges can be filed due to theft of a gravesite, theft of a firearm or explosive, theft while acting as a telemarketer, subsequent theft charges, theft of a motor vehicle valued over $100 and a breach of a fiduciary relationship. These instances can be named as felonies, causing more penalties for the accused.

What is theft by deception?

The state of Georgia recognizes many instances where theft can be penalized. Theft by deception is when a person deprives someone else of property by tricking them. This may consist of fraud or artful deceit. The accused individual may have lied to the person they are convincing or failed to correct their understanding about the transaction. Through this situation, someone may face a theft charge. Other instances can include theft by taking, shoplifting, conversion, services or mislaid property. These situations can show that someone was taking advantage of someone else in a way to gain their money or property as a personal gain for themselves. By proving this, the accused individual may be charged with a theft misdemeanor or even a felony if they collected enough money or property that values over $500.

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