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The Alfred Law Firm, LLC is proud to represent clients in Spalding County and the greater Atlanta area. Our firm has years of experience serving clients who are facing complex matters of family law and criminal defense. Our firm has the tenacity and skill that our clients need to provide quality family law and criminal defense services in Spalding County and throughout the state of Georgia from our offices in Marietta and Atlanta. If you require the assistance of a professional family law or criminal defense legal team, The Alfred Law Firm, LLC is here to help. Contact our firm today to schedule a consultation.

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The Alfred Law Firm, LLC is honored to represent clients in Spalding County, Georgia when they are facing matters of divorce and family law. Our offices are located in Marietta and Atlanta. The Alfred Law Firm, LLC understands that this is often a difficult and emotional time for everyone involved, especially for children. Our firm has an esteemed reputation for providing clients with a high level of compassion and skill when representing clients’ interests. The Alfred Law Firm, LLC is dedicated to guiding you through this difficult time, protecting your rights as a parent, and defending the future of your family. Some of our divorce and family law services include the following:

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The Alfred Law Firm, LLC understands the importance of family and criminal law matters that clients throughout Georgia may face. Clients in Spalding County can rely on the trusted legal services of The Alfred Law Firm, LLC. Our firm is committed to representing your interests when so much is at stake. If you are facing divorce, family law, or criminal defense matters in Spalding County, Georgia, contact The Alfred Law Firm, LLC today to schedule a consultation.

“Each and every client deserves to be treated with respect; and each case is equally important regardless of the
client's social or economic status.” - Janice F. Alfred, Esq.

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