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In some situations, paternity may need to be established. Paternity determines the biological father of a child. There are many situations that call for the need to establish paternity. In some cases, the parents themselves want to be sure of the father. Other times, the state of Georgia needs to know. Whether you are the one requesting a paternity test or the asked to participate in one, our firm can help. The Alfred Law Firm holds significant experience helping clients with cases involving paternity. For a consultation, contact The Alfred Law Firm.

There are numerous reasons these parties would pursue establishing paternity. Whether for financial reasons, to forge new relationships or otherwise, when these parties wish to file for paternity, evidence of paternity must be demonstrated. Two pieces of evidence of paternity exist. One piece of evidence that establishes the presumed paternity is the father’s name or Social Security Number on the child’s birth certificate. The next piece of evidence that would establish paternity is genetic tests. This can be ordered by the court on its own motion or that of an interested party. There are numerous parties that may need to file for paternity. These parties include:

  • Mothers
  • The child
  • Prospective fathers
  • Relatives who act as a guardian and care for the child
  • The Department of Human Services on behalf of a child

What benefits come with establishing paternity

Establishing paternity comes with certain benefits. The biological father can have his name added to a birth certificate if it is not done so already. A child may be entitled to receive financial support and Social Security benefits from the father. Paternity can help mothers receive child support to help with the care of the shared child. Fathers can take paternity to continue on towards legitimation, a process in which a father may gain custody, parenting time, and visitation rights. One of the most significant benefits is the possibility to forge a new and lasting father-child relationship.

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If you are pregnant and unmarried, or already have a child born out-of-wedlock and wish to file a paternity action to establish child support, The Alfred Law Firm can assist you to ensure that you receive the proper amount of child support, as well as reimbursement of expenses for your child’s benefit. Likewise, if you are the father of a child born out of wedlock and involved in a paternity action, our law firm will vigorously represent your interest so that you are not obligated to pay a child support amount that is more than what is required under the Georgia Child Support laws. We will also work the paternity case so that you end up with legal custody and visitation at the conclusion of the case.

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