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When a child is born out of wedlock, and after a break-up, many fathers find out the hard way that they have no rights to custody or visitation, even if their names appear on the birth certificate and the mother acknowledged paternity at the hospital. The process to establish a father’s legal rights to a child is called legitimation. When this situation is a reality, it is important to discuss it with an attorney. The Alfred Law Firm recognizes the significance of this legal matter. The results can be devastating if not handled properly. Our firm is ready to listen to your legal situation and guide you through your legal matter. Contact The Alfred Law Firm for a consultation to discuss you situation with an experienced attorney.

Filing for legitimation in Georgia

In the state of Georgia, when children are born out of wedlock, the father is required to file a legitimation action in the county where the mother resides in order to establish himself as the legal father of the child and to obtain custody, parenting time, and visitation rights.

If the mother cannot be found within the state, has passed, or resides outside of Georgia, the father can file a petition in the county where he resides. If the mother is alive, a legitimation petition will name her as a party and allow her to respond. This could lead to a contested case. If so, a case can come to fruition over a dispute over paternity or the lack of motivation up until that point to develop a relationship with the child.

If the court decides in favor of the father, the court will issue an order declaring so, legitimizing the relationship of the father and the child. After that, the court can decide on custody and visitation as if the child was born in lawful wedlock. When doing so, it will always act in the best interests of the child.

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At The Alfred Law Firm, we represent both fathers and mothers in legitimation actions. We believe that both parties deserve an attorney who will encourage them to be fair and reasonable and will assist them in negotiation a parenting plan that is in their child’s best interest. We will also defend our clients vigorously if the other party is being contentious and not acting in the child’s best interest. We recognize the significance of this matter and will work tirelessly for each client as they pursue justice. Contact The Alfred Law Firm for a consultation to discuss your legal matter.

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