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The Alfred Law Firm is honored to help families through all adoption matters. Our firm recognizes how important this legal issue can be for individual and families who hope to open their hearts and homes to a child in need and others who have always been the parent a child deserves but would like to formalize their parental rights. Adoption is such a momentous feat. Though sometime an arduous road towards success, those who engage in the adoption process should have an experienced attorney by their side. The Alfred Law Firm serves clients in Georgia, guiding them along the way and providing knowledgeable legal advice that helps them make informed decisions while protecting their rights and future. For a consultation with an effective, passionate, and zealous advocate, contact The Alfred Law Firm.

The traditional adoption process

People often consider adoption in the traditional form; Parent(s) opening their homes to a child in need. Though the process adapts to different circumstances, most traditional adoptions follow the same steps. These include:

Inquiry: Prospective adoptive families reach out to the Division of Family and Children Services for more information and receive a packet detailing upcoming information sessions.

Information sessions: Adoptive families should attend an information session, gaining insight into the process and scheduling an initial home visit.

Pre-Service Training: The prospective adoptive family will attend an Adoption Preparation Program or a program comparable to it (like IMPACT) from a private adoption agency under contract with the state.

Family Evaluation: After completion of a state-approved program, the family evaluation will begin, consisting of home visits, the gathering of required documents, and assessment of the family’s views on adoptions.

Pre-Placement: Pre-placement is the time between the approval of an adoptive family and the identification of a placement. If a family already knows the child they wish to adopt, the time can be shorter. Others can attend adoption parties and match meetings help get to know prospective adoptees.

Placement: this part of the process can be complicated. When a prospective child is identified, the family can review details about the child and assess the feasibility and practicality of the fit. If the match is appropriate, the parents will be subject to pre-placement visits, the Placement Agreement should be signed, and the child placed with the family.

Finalization: The adoptive parents will file an adoption petition and a hearing will be held to finalize the adoption.

Our adoption services

The Alfred Law Firm works closely with clients as they pursue the goal of growing a family or formalizing an already existing relationship. We are available to effectively handle all adoptions including:

  • Domestic adoption
  • International adoption
  • Stepparent adoption
  • Second-parent adoption
  • Adult adoption
  • Private adoption
  • LGBT adoption

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