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other-areasEstate planning is something everyone should consider. The keystone to a comprehensive estate plan is often a Will, a testamentary document that details a mechanism for allocating one’s assets to rightful beneficiaries. We understand that people who have worked hard to create a legacy need a lawyer who can help them implement effective legal strategies that would allow them to pass on their hard-earned assets to their loved ones in the most efficient way possible. For a consultation with a knowledgeable estate planning attorney, contact The Alfred Law Firm.

Our estate planning services

The Alfred Law Firm helps clients explore the best options that reflect their desires and allow them to pass resources and property to loved ones and other rightful beneficiaries. Estate planning is never “one size fits all” solution. There are numerous factors that impact an estate plan, including the size of the estate, the wishes of the testator, and continuing changes in the law. It is important to discuss your situation with an attentive attorney that truly knows how to listen.

Our firm has significant experience helping clients draft Wills and amending existing ones to adjust to changing circumstances. We can also help married couples with reciprocal Wills or Wills with testamentary trusts.

The convenience of our services

One of the greatest benefits of working with the Alfred Law Firm is the convenience. Most of our Wills services are conducted remotely without the client setting foot in our office. Although we have offices located in Marietta and Atlanta, we can help anyone in the State of Georgia create a Will that meets their needs and allows them to have a peace of mind.

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Estate planning is an important step in life. Making sure your assets go to the right people in the right manner should be a concern to everyone. Without a will, a person’s assets will be allocated according to state law. Our firm recognizes how difficult some of these discussions can be. We are dedicated to providing a comforting environment to discuss these issues and the knowledgeable advice to help clients make informed decisions. For a consultation to discuss the future of your estate, contact the Alfred Law Firm.

“Each and every client deserves to be treated with respect; and each case is equally important regardless of the
client's social or economic status.” - Janice F. Alfred, Esq.

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