Traffic Offenses

Most traffic crimes do not involve an arrest and are punishable by a simple fine. When they do, it is important to have an attorney who is ready to fight the charges and mitigate the effects of the act. When a person faces license suspension or even jail, it is imperative that they get the help they need. Discussing your case with an attorney is best. The more severe traffic offenses, such as reckless driving, laying drag, street racing, driving on a suspended license, hit and run and driving with no insurance typically involve the arrest of the individual and may be punishable by jail time, hefty fines, a loss of license probation and/or community service. If you are in this position and believe that your traffic offense may be prosecuted as a crime, it is important to discuss your situation with an attorney.

Reckless driving

Reckless driving is somewhat a subjective charge. As defined as the wanton disregard for others’ safety while driving, it is easy to make a mistake and find yourself charged with reckless driving. There are some acts that unsurprisingly lead to a reckless driving charge, including driving while intoxicated and speeding over a certain amount. Other times, the facts of the case that dictate a reckless driving ticket can be up for debate, including being charged for driving too closely and “aggressive lane changes.” This crime is purposefully vague so that it can be applied to many situations. A reckless driving ticket is a misdemeanor punished by a fine up to $1000 dollars and imprisonment up to a year. It is important to consult with an attorney that can defend you and either mitigate the impact or have the charges dismissed altogether.

Hit and run

If you were in an accident and left the scene without taking the proper steps, even if it was a parked car, you could be charged with a hit and run. A hit and run is a misdemeanor if there was only property damage or an injury otherwise not considered “serious”. This charge is punishable with fines up to $1000 and up to a year in jail. In the case of death or serious injury, the charge is a felony and can be punishable by between 1 and 5 years in jail.

Driving with a suspended license

You may have found yourself surprisingly being arrested for driving on a suspended license. An unpaid ticket you may have forgotten about or thought had been taken care of, a mix-up with your car insurance or registration, or a child support issue may have gotten you into the position of being treated like a criminal and having to go to court to answer to the charge of Driving on a Suspended License. Driving with a suspended license is a misdemeanor and can subject you to up to 1 year in jail and up to $1000 in fines.

Driving without insurance

This offense is a complicated one. There are many reasons why a person could unknowingly drive without insurance. It is important to discuss your case with an attorney, especially if you are charged because of a hiccup in your policy or mismanaged paperwork and your insurance policy ended. This is a misdemeanor and can subject you to a year in prison and up to $1000 fine. There are many avenues of defense available and other means to mitigate the charge to explore. Contact an attorney.

Contact a traffic crime attorney

If you have been charged with traffic offense that is considered a crime, it is important to discuss your situation with an attorney. Developing a criminal defense strategy is your best chance at fighting a conviction or mitigating the impact if you were to be found guilty. With the chance of jail, fines, and a loss of license in many cases, it is important to discuss your situation with a legal professional. Contact the Alfred Law Firm for a consultation today.

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