Consequences of Theft in Georgia

Theft is one of the oldest criminal activities a person can be involved in, yet it continues and evolves over time. When a person is charged with theft, it is a very serious crime in the state of Georgia. There are many different acts that can fall under the classification of theft. However, it is simply stealing another’s property. Consequences for theft may vary depending on the severity of the crime and the value of the property that was stolen. In the event of a serious case, it is crucial to contact an experienced attorney for help.

Types of Theft

In the state of Georgia, there are many acts of theft. This can include the following:

  • Theft by taking: The act of taking, appropriating, or being in possession of another’s property unlawfully. This is regardless of how the property is obtained.
  • Theft by shoplifting: One of the most common forms of theft. This is when an individual takes merchandise without the intent to pay for it.
  • Theft by deception: When a person unlawfully deprives another of property through fraudulent or artful deceit. This may consist of lying about the facts, failing to correct a misunderstanding about the facts, or other forms of deception.
  • Theft by conversion: Transferring funds or property against a contract or agreement.
  • Theft of services: Acquiring services, entertainment, or the use of personal property without the intention of paying for these services, thus depriving the owner of their payment.
  • Theft of lost or mislaid property: Controlling property without taking correct measures that are known to be lost or mislaid.

Consequences of Theft

When a person is charged with theft, they may face certain consequences. These consequences typically correlate with the amount that was stolen or the value of the stolen property. The majority of theft charges for property that is valued under $500 are categorized as misdemeanors. In these situations, the individual may face up to a year in prison and up to a $1000 fine.

Other theft charges are categorized as felonies. Examples of felony thefts can include:

  • Property greater than $500
  • Theft of a gravesite
  • A breach of a fiduciary relationship
  • Theft while acting as a telemarketer
  • Theft of a motor vehicle valued over $100
  • Theft of a firearm or explosive
  • Subsequent theft charges

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