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How are assets divided in divorce?

Divorce proceedings decide on many aspects that affect the spouses’ lives. These include many marital issues such as child support, child custody, alimony and the division of assets. Assets need to be divided in order to give ownership of possessions to each individual spouse. They cannot split assets and possessions. Therefore, they will have to […]

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What happens if I violate probation in Georgia?

When an individual is convicted of a crime in Georgia, they may find themselves on probation. Probation allows an individual to remain in their community under the supervision of a probation officer. These individuals are given a great opportunity to work on a successful future and rehabilitate but they are required to meet certain requirements […]

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How is mediation beneficial?

Mediation is a process that can be used to decide on marital issues for couples that are divorcing. These marital issues need to be decided on to allow the couple to create new, separate lives. Marital issues can include alimony, the division of assets, child support and child custody arrangements. With these factors, it can […]

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How can a traffic offense affect me?

Drivers are on the road every day traveling from one location to another. Whether people are driving to get to work or just carrying out their daily routine, driving can become a part of everyday life. Since driving becomes such a normal part of our lives, it can be easy to forget how dangerous the […]

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How are assets divided between spouses?

When divorce becomes a reality, there are many decisions that still need to be made. If these decisions are made in court, a judge will consider many factors to make important decisions. One of these factors is the division of assets after divorce. Couples acquire and hold assets together due to their joined lives. However, […]

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How is an uncontested divorce beneficial?

Divorce is a difficult choice to come to. It can be hard to split a marriage after years together. In order to ease emotions during this time, an uncontested divorce may be beneficial. Uncontested divorces provide a way for couples to get divorced without putting the blame on one spouse. Spouses can cite a no-fault […]

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Modifying a Court Order in Georgia

When a court issues an order in the state of Georgia, the parties involved are legally required to follow that order. Of course, when the court is issuing an order, they have to do so based only on the current circumstances that are present. Due to the fact that the court is unable to predict […]

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What is the marital estate?

When a couple gets married, they join nearly every aspect of their individual lives into one. Despite each party having their own belongings before the marriage, once they are officially married, most of the belongings that are acquired will be considered marital property. The marital estate is all of the assets that the couple has […]

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Relocating with a Child

When parents are faced with the difficult reality of creating a custody arrangement, one parent is often named the custodial parent because they spend more time with the child. When the custodial parent makes the decision that they would like to move out of the state of Georgia with their child, the noncustodial parent may […]

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