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Modifying a Court Order in Georgia

When a court issues an order in the state of Georgia, the parties involved are legally required to follow that order. Of course, when the court is issuing an order, they have to do so based only on the current circumstances that are present. Due to the fact that the court is unable to predict […]

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What is the marital estate?

When a couple gets married, they join nearly every aspect of their individual lives into one. Despite each party having their own belongings before the marriage, once they are officially married, most of the belongings that are acquired will be considered marital property. The marital estate is all of the assets that the couple has […]

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Relocating with a Child

When parents are faced with the difficult reality of creating a custody arrangement, one parent is often named the custodial parent because they spend more time with the child. When the custodial parent makes the decision that they would like to move out of the state of Georgia with their child, the noncustodial parent may […]

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Assault Charges in Georgia

An assault charge can impact a person’s life immensely. For some, assault charges stem from a misunderstanding fueled by alcohol or drugs. Other times, the heat of passion makes someone lose control. When crimes are violent, the state is aggressive in the reaction. In Georgia, crimes of assault are quite serious. Assault is defined as […]

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Georgia Prenuptial Agreements

When a couple decides to take the next step in their relationship, they are often considering marriage. This is a very exciting time for the couple but it also means that they should take some precautions before legally joining their lives together. Each individual needs to be sure to take certain steps to protect themselves before […]

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DUI Consequences in Georgia

Being charged with a driving under the influence offense in Georgia is a very serious matter. Georgia takes these situations very seriously in an effort to keep residents safe as they travel from one place to another. Law enforcement officers are trained to look for signs of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol […]

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Alimony Structures in Georgia

Getting divorced is complicated. The couple is forced to address a number of different issues that may be contested. One issue that is frequently disputed in Georgia divorces is that of alimony. There are so many factors that are considered when determining whether an alimony award is even necessary, how long it should last, and […]

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