Can my Record be Expunged in Georgia?

When a person commits a crime in Georgia, they can receive a criminal record. These records are available to the public, which can impact a person’s future significantly. A criminal record can make it difficult to receive a job, education, housing, and more. The state of Georgia understands that this can be hard for a person, which is why it offers the opportunity for the record to be restricted. This means it can be sealed, expunged, or erased. When petitioning for expungement, it is important to retain the services of an experienced Georgia criminal defense attorney for assistance. 

What is Expungement?

The process of expungement allows a person who is convicted of a crime in the state of Georgia to ask the court to remove it from their record. Once this is done, the record can only be viewed by certain parties, such as law enforcement, employment, or criminal investigation purposes. With this, the individual is able to have a fresh start to move on with their life. While this is true, it is important to know only certain records can be expunged. 

Can my Criminal Record be Erased?

When a person in the state of Georgia wants their criminal record expunged, they are required to meet certain criteria in order to do so. If the individual was convicted of a crime for the first time, such as first-time drug possession, they may have their criminal record restricted if they successfully completed probation and were not arrested or convicted of another offense. It is not possible to expunge, seal, or restrict a criminal record for other convictions in Georgia, even if an official pardon is received for the offense. 

A record can also be restricted in the event that the individual was not convicted of a crime. This may be possible if the charges were dropped, dismissed, or they were not found guilty at trial. However, this does not apply in the event of the following:

  • The conduct that resulted in the arrest was part of a pattern of criminal activity that was prosecuted in another state or country
  • The case went to trial but they were not acquitted of all charges
  • The individual pleaded guilty to another charge in the case
  • The individual entered into a plea agreement that caused the charges against them to be dropped or dismissed.

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