Assault Charges in Georgia

An assault charge can impact a person’s life immensely. For some, assault charges stem from a misunderstanding fueled by alcohol or drugs. Other times, the heat of passion makes someone lose control. When crimes are violent, the state is aggressive in the reaction. In Georgia, crimes of assault are quite serious. Assault is defined as a physical attack. Being arrested for assault can be devastating. It is important to understand the charges you face and talking with an attorney is in your best interests.

Simple Assault Charges in Georgia

Simple assault charges can be issued to those individuals who attempt to, intentionally, or recklessly cause bodily injury to another person. It is important to note that this charge can also apply to situations where, despite another person not actually being injured, the accused individual instilled fear of bodily injury to the victim. In Georgia, simple assault is a misdemeanor, subjecting a person to fines and possible jail time. It is important to be aware that in some cases, simple assault charges can be upgraded to a much more serious aggravated assault charge. For example, in Georgia, assault can be upgraded if the attack was against a family member, a person over the age of 65, a pregnant person, a school official, or a person on public transportation or in a station.

Aggravated Assault Charges in Georgia

As mentioned, some assault charges can be upgraded to aggravated assault and ultimately result in much more serious penalties for those who are convicted of such a crime. Aggravated assault charges are often issued to those who attack another with a deadly weapon, assault someone with the intent to rob, rape or murder, among other situations, including the use of an object to strangle, and the discharge of a firearm within a vehicle against another person. Aggravated assault is a felony and can lead to serious jail time, up to 20 years for some of the worst acts.

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